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hochwertige englische Tapeten Nina Campbell Kollektion LOMBARDIA

tapeten nina campbell
lombardia (2009)

hochwertige englische Tapeten Nina Campbell Kollektion SYLVANA

tapeten nina campbell
sylvana (2009)

hochwertige englische Tapeten Nina Campbell Kollektion

tapeten nina campbell
giverny (2008)

hochwertige englische Tapeten Nina Campbell Kollektion Cathay 2014 Neu

Nina Campbell Kollektion
Cathay (2014)

CATHAY - Nina Campbell has chosen the literary name for Imperial China for this collection of fabrics of oriental inspiration ideally suited to both classical and contemporary interiors. Nina´s signature colour palette which includes aqua, amethyst, sage, French grey and eucalyptus is enlivened with more recent additions such as magenta and coral. Co-ordinating and companion upholstery fabrics and wallpapers are to be found in CATHAY WEAVES and CATHAY WALLPAPERS.
(> Cathay Parade)

> zur Kollektion CATHAY

hochwertige englische Tapeten u. Stoffe Nina Campbell Kollektion ROSSLYN 1213

Nina Campbell Kollektion
ROSSLYN (2013)

ROSSLYN - Nina Campbell pays tribute to her Scottish heritage with this collection of wallpapers evocative of the romantic landscape of the Highlands and its picturesque castles and glens. Characteristic colours from Nina’s palette are included with aqua, ivory, silver, gold, black and taupe as well as lively additions such as ruby and magenta and quieter touches of Gustavian blue and soft plaster pink.
(> rosslyn)

> zur Kollektion ROSSLYN

hochwertige englische Tapeten Nina Campbell Kollektion BRAEMAR 1213

Nina Campbell Kollektion
BRAEMAR (2013)

BRAEMAR - Nina Campbell has been inspired by celebrations and picnics set against the romantic backdrop of lochside castles and houses in Scotland for this collection of wallpapers which combine well with the fabric designs in BRAEMAR and many other of Nina’s recent collections. The wallpapers are presented in colour groups from Nina’s characteristic palette. (> Holmwood, > Bothwell, > Elcho, Abbotsford, Ardwell, Rothesay, Huntly, Strome)

> zur Kollektion Braemar

Tapeten Nina Campbell Kollektion MONTACUTE - Montacute Bicton Penrose Bowhill Kentwell Malleny Montacute Plain Barrington

Nina Campbell Kollektion

MONTACUTE - Nina Campbell takes inspiration from the quiet grandeur of the great houses and gardens of England and Scotland for this collection of wallpapers. The collection is named after MONTACUTE HOUSE, a glittering Renaissance mansion in Somerset. Most of the patterns have direct fabric co-ordinates in the companion MONTACUTE FABRIC collection. (> Montacute, > Bicton, > Penrose, > Bowhill, > Kentwell, > Malleny, > Barrington, > Montacute Plain)

> zur Kollektion Montacute

Tapeten Nina Campbell Kollektion BIRDCAGE WALK - Birdcage Walk Orient Way Manaus Peony Place Pagoda Garden Kew Green Amazonas Fleur De Lys Court

Nina Campbell Kollektion

BIRDCAGE WALK - Most of the designs in Nina Campbell's collection of elegant printed fabrics have all been given appropriate London place names, which help evoke the cosmopolitan nature of England's capital city and have direct fabric companions in Birdcage Walk prints. (> Birdcage Walk, > Orient Way, > Manaus, >  Peony Place, > Kew Green, > Amazonas, > Fleur De Lys Court)

> zur Kollektion Birdcage Walk

Tapeten Nina Campbell Kollektion PARADISO - Paradiso Folco Campaldino Rosa Alba Canto Stripe Canto Bardini Convivio

Nina Campbell Kollektion

PARADISO - Nina Campbell presents a collection of elegant fabrics inspired by Dante’s poetry - Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) - and Renaissance Florence. PARADISO WALLPAPERS and the small-scale designs in PARADISO WEAVES provide co-ordinates. (> Paradiso, Folco, > Campaldino, > Rosa Alba, Canto Stripe, Canto, > Bardini, > Convivio)

> zur Kollektion Paradiso

Tapeten Nina Campbell Kollektion SYLVANA - Swan Lake Salix Arboretum Gilty Campbell Damask Bagatelle Spot Orchard Blossom

Nina Campbell Kollektion
SYLVANA (2009)

SYLVANA - A collection of romantic and elegant wallpapers which combines with SYLVANA FABRICS and provides companions for many other recent Nina Campbell fabric designs. (Swan Lake, Salix, Arboretum, Gilty, Campbell Damask, Bagatelle Spot, Orchard Blossom)

Kollektion Sylvana

Tapeten Nina Campbell Kollektion LOMBARDIA - Farfalla Amati Cremona Bergonzi Stradivari Ponchielli

Nina Campbell Kollektion

LOMBARDIA - A collection of elegant wallpapers from Nina Campbell inspired by the style and finesse of Italian craftsmen. The Italian province of Lombardia (Lombardy) was the region in which many of the great violin makers worked. (Farfalla, Amati, Cremona, Bergonzi, Stradivari, Ponchielli)

Kollektion LOMBARDIA

Tapeten Nina Campbell Kollektion GIVERNY - Giverny Talisa Alyssa Fougeres Lomasi Aubree Ornella Delphine

Nina Campbell Kollektion
GIVERNY (2008)

GIVERNY - Nina Campbell’s fabric and wallpaper collection has been inspired by the famous garden of Claude Monet at Giverny which lies 80km west of Paris. Monet (born 1840) first noticed the village of Giverny when passing by in a train. He rented the house and surrounding land from 1883 until he could afford to buy it which he did in 1890 and then created the famous garden. He lived at Giverny until his death in 1926. (Giverny, Talisa, Alyssa, Fougeres, Lomasi, Aubree, Ornella, Delphine)

Kollektion GIVERNY

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