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Tapeten u. Stoff Design aus Berlin online kaufen

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Tapeten Osborne and Little Persian Garden NEU 2013

Osborne and Little Kollektion 2013 PERSIAN GARDEN

PERSIAN GARDEN - These wallpapers offer direct companions for the patterns inspired by the glamour and mystery of ancient Persia in the embroidered linens, cotton and silks of the fabric collection PERSIAN GARDEN. This collection also presents one or two surprises.

> Tapeten Persian Garden > Stoffe Persian Garden > Tapeten Isfahan Tulip > Stoffe Isfahan Tulip > Tapeten Rosalia Damask > Stoffe Rosalia Damask > Tapeten Shiraz > Tapeten Shiraz > Tapeten Kayyam > Stoffe Kayyam > Tapeten Chenar > Stoffe Chenar > Tapeten Oriole > Stoffe Oriole > Tapeten Charbagh > Tapeten Penguin Library > Stoffe Kashan Stripe > Stoffe Amytis > Stoffe Eram Sequin > Stoffe Ibis

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Tapeten Osborne and Little Wallpaper Album 5

Osborne and Little Kollektion

WALLPAPER ALBUM 5 - Following on from earlier compendiums we present Album 5 - a finest selection of 91 wallpapers from previous collections. A key pattern book for all libraries.

> Wilde Chrysanthemum, > Jersey Lily, > Langtry, dusa, > salome, > zaria, > Mandara, > eranthe, > Chinese Dragon, > Minaret, > Volte Face, > Wilde Carnation, > Trifid, > Benvarden, > Grove Garden, > Lakemount, > Rostellan, > monchique, > fado, > evora, > sintra, > marvao, > byron, > herrick, > lovelace, > spenser, > dryden, > Iris, > Howletts, > dufy leaf, > coronata star, > summer palace, > Genoa, > Palmyra

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Tapeten Osborne and Little Metropolis Vinyls

Osborne and Little Kollektion

METROPOLIS VINYLS - A selection of Osborne & Little´s most successful designs produced for the first time as wide-width embossed vinyl wallcoverings specifically for hotels, contract and hospitality. Most of the designs make strong use of metallic colourings for an urban contemporary mood.

(Mandara, Edo, Spenser, Toccata, Coronata, Dusa, Zinc, Zenith, Wilde Carnation)

> zur Kollektion Metropolis Vinyls

Tapeten Osborne and Little Metropolis Vinyls 2

Osborne and Little Kollektion

METROPOLIS VINYLS 2 - A second volume of robust heavy duty vinyl wallcoverings, ideal for hotel and commercial use featuring interpretations of classic Osborne & Little patterns as well as introducing new designs.

(Kikko Trellis Vinyl, Mako Vinyl, Fitzroy Vinyl, Rezzonico Vinyl, Dulwich Stripe Vinyl, Colleoni Vinyl, Cabretta Vinyl, Crocodilo Vinyl)

> zur Kollektion Metropolis Vinyls 2

Tapeten Osborne and Little Rabanna

Osborne and Little Kollektion

RABANNA - A collection of 45 contemporary semi-plain and small-scale textured wallpapers to complement Osborne & Little´s many larger scale patterned fabrics and wallcoverings. The collection takes its name from raffia woven in Madagascar.

(Rabanna, Canestra, Houndstooth, Chambray, Zanella, Cordovan, Tabaret)

> zur Kollektion Rabanna

Tapeten Osborne and Little Komodo

Osborne and Little Kollektion

KOMODO - A collection of contemporary designs all printed on a durable non-woven base takes its main inspiration from the coats and skins of wild animals.

> Komodo > Boa > Cobra > Mako > Quagga > Chameleon > Panthera > Gobi

> zur Kollektion Komodo

Tapeten Osborne and Little Strand

Osborne and Little Kollektion

STRAND - A collection of fifty-eight striped wallpapers for both contemporary and classic interiors all named after the cosmopolitan streets and squares of central London.

(Bloomsbury, Grosvenor, Portland, Ennismore, Marylebone, Fitzroy, Carnaby, Audley, Shaftesbury)

> zur Kollektion Strand

Tapeten Osborne and Little Grand Tour

Osborne and Little Kollektion

GRAND TOUR - A collection of wallpapers inspired by the artistic and architectural treasures of Italy, especially those of Venice, as discovered by aristocratic young Englishmen on the Grand Tour of Europe. Recently "The New York Times" described the Grand Tour in this way: "Three hundred years ago, wealthy young Englishmen began taking a post-Oxbridge trek through France and Italy in search of art, culture and the roots of Western civilization. With nearly unlimited funds, aristocratic connections and months (or years) to roam, they commissioned paintings, perfected their language skills and mingled with the upper crust of the Continent".
Most of the wallpapers in this collection have co-ordinating or companion designs in GRAND TOUR FABRICS.

(Rombico, Ginevra, Rezzonico, Laguna, Loggia, Damiera, Goldoni, Kikko Trellis, Accademia, Colleoni, Nizam, Zecca, Best In Show, Corteccia)

> zur Kollektion Grand Tour

Tapeten Osborne and Little Zagazoo

Osborne and Little Kollektion

ZAGAZOO - Quentin Blake,

the celebrated author and artist has designed this collection of children´s fabrics and wallpapers exclusively for Osborne & Little. All the patterns are based on Quentin´s original book illustrations. Exuberant patterns for fun rooms are printed on practical, washable cottons and wallpapers. Quentin is one of Britain´s best-loved and most successful illustrators and children´s authors and "has drawn ever since he can remember".

(Cockatoos, Butterfly Meadow, Skateboarders, Quentin´s Abc, Quentin´s Menagerie, Alphabet Tales, All Join In)

> zur Kollektion Zagazoo

Tapeten Osborne and Little Teatro

Osborne and Little Kollektion

TEATRO - A dramatic collection of twelve new wallpaper designs inspired by Italian theatre introduces innovative printing techniques and textured finishes. Some are printed with a new granular glitter texture.

(Manzoni, Concetti, Pirandello, Marenco, Zanetti, Colombina, Speroni, Rombico, Quadrato, Goldoni, Ponti, Ravenna)

> zur Kollektion Teatro

Tapeten Osborne and Little Sariskar

Osborne and Little Kollektion

SARISKAR - SARISKAR designed by Henry Wilson for Osborne & Little
Henry Wilson the celebrated photographer, artist and Indian expert has been commissioned by Osborne & Little to design this magnificent collection of wallpapers. He describes his inspiration: "The rich combination of wall and architectural detail and soaring architecture in India can be overwhelming, much of the fine detail is easily overlooked among the kaleidoscope of pattern and colour. It is these frequently missed decorative details that I have drawn upon for my designs."

(Kishangarh, Banswara, Maharani, Jagmandir, Amarsagar, Aravalli, Manali)

> zur Kollektion Sariskar

Tapeten Osborne and Little Pompadour

Osborne and Little Kollektion

POMPADOUR - A collection of romantic prints in the contemporary idiom and palette of Osborne & Little. Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, marquise de Pompadour (1721 - 1764) was the most influential of Louis XV´s mistresses, remaining a close confidante of the king until her death.

(Soubise, Palais Chinois, Fontette, Du Barry, Vaujours, Marivault, Gramont, Du Barry Stripe)

> zur Kollektion Pompadour

Tapeten Osborne and Little Onyx

Osborne and Little Kollektion

ONYX - Natural textured surfaces, stones, minerals and seams of precious metals interpreted in contemporary colourings. CAIMAN, SCAGLIA, QUARTZ are classic Osborne & Little designs presented in new colourings. Fifty-five high specification easy-to-hang wallcoverings suitable for both commercial and domestic interiors.

(Travertino, Caiman, Zebrano, Scaglia, Quartz Stripe, Petra, Oratorio)

> zur Kollektion Onyx

Tapeten Osborne and Little Walk In The Park

Osborne and Little Kollektion

WALK IN THE PARK - A collection of fabrics and wallpaper which pays witty homage to the Englishman´s love of both the native beauty and the exotica to be found in his rolling parklands.

(Richmond, Fernery, Best In Show, Mara, Kenwood, Sherwood, Dulwich Stripe, Tillery)

> zur Kollektion Walk In The Park

Tapeten Osborne and Little Hothouse By Suzy Hoodless

Osborne and Little Kollektion

HOTHOUSE BY SUZY HOODLESS - A collection of bold contemporary floral wallpapers created exclusively for Osborne & Little by the English interior designer Suzy Hoodless.

(Jewel Of Spring, Arizona, Davidia, Rosabella, Kalinda, Foxglove)

> zur Kollektion Hothouse

Tapeten Osborne and Little Folia

Osborne and Little Kollektion

FOLIA - A collection of stylised motifs and colourful stripes to be used in conjunction with FOLIA fabrics or independently.

(Clarendon, Inglewood, Salcey, Savernake, Folia Stripe, Radnor, Derwent, Allerdale)

> zur Kollektion Folia

Tapeten Osborne and Little Quartz

Osborne and Little Kollektion

QUARTZ - A dazzling spectrum of forty plain wallcoverings in matt and pearlescent mica finishes. The colour palette has been carefully selected to combine with Osborne & Little´s recent boldly patterned wallpapers or to be used independently as a colourful textured backdrop.

(Quartz in 40 Farben: 20 Quartz Tapeten seidig schimmern, 20 Quartz Tapeten matt)

> zur Kollektion Quartz

Tapeten Osborne and Little Cabochon

Osborne and Little Kollektion

CABOCHON - A collection of glamorous wallpapers inspired by jewellery and fashion continues Osborne & Little’s innovative approach to wallpaper design.
Many of the names make reference to celebrated jewellery designers and jewellery techniques.
CABOCHON FABRICS provides companion and co-ordinating fabrics for curtains, blinds and cushions.

Cabochon Tapeten: Edle Tapeten, schimmernd und glitzernd, inspiriert durch Juweliere bzw. Schmuck-Design und Mode-Design.
Passend dazu die exclusiven Cabochon Stoffe für Gardinen und Möbelstoffe.

> zur Kollektion Cabochon

Stoffe Osborne and Little Ionia Outdoor Indoor Fabric NEU 2013

Osborne and Little Kollektion
Ionia Outdoor Indoor Fabric

Ionia Outdoor Indoor Fabric - spring collection 2013 The light and sun of the Mediterranean are conjured up in this collection of fabrics named after islands in the Ionian Sea off the western coast of Greece. The fabrics are suitable for outdoor use being resistant to sunlight, water and mildew; they have a stain repellent finish. Colours from the contemporary Osborne & Little palette include turquoise, lime, rust, denim with neutral tones of black, stone and ivory.

> zur Kollektion Ionia Outdoor Indoor Fabric

Tapeten u. Stoff Design aus Berlin online kaufen

hochwertige Tapeten und Stoffe online kaufen - Osborne & Little Design

Die englische Firma Osborne & Little ist eine der führenden Hersteller für Tapeten und Stoff Design.

Osborne & Little englisches Stoff und Tapeten Design Dryden in Ihrer Wohnung

Dieses Tapeten Design zum Beispiel ist das Muster > "Dryden" in rot aus der Kollektion Wallpaper Album 5 mit dazu passenden Stoffen.

Osborne und Little - Englische Stoffe

Englische Stoffe von Osborne und Little


Osborne und Little Stoffe

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Tapete MANAUS - Nina Campbell

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Peter Osborne and Antony Little, two brothers-in-law with a shared passion for creativity and instinct for business, opened a small showroom in London's Chelsea in 1968. Their award-winning first collection of exquisite handprinted wallpapers was an instant success.

Over the years the business has expanded its product range to include fabrics, trimmings, furniture and accessories. It reaches a global audience while remaining true to its heritage of excellent design and production.

For four decades Osborne & Little's designs have been at the heart of interior trends - from the paint effect wallpapers of the 1980's and the celestial star, sun and moon motifs of the 1990's to today, where they are leading the way in the resurgence of metallics and flocks.

Osborne & Little is, in addition, the worldwide distributor of the fabric and wallpaper collections of the internationally renowned interior designer Nina Campbell. It performs a similar role for the world-famous Liberty Furnishings brand and for the chic Parisian design studio Lorca.

More recently, Osborne & Little has forged a relationship with Michael Reeves as exclusive distributor of his stylish upholstered furniture collection.

Osborne & Little has earned, and strives hard to maintain, its reputation for quality and creative excellence in the crowded world of interior design.



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